Sri Sai krupa Charitable Trust

Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Trust was a dream for Mr. Shivarudra and was transformed into reality by his dedicated efforts and commitment that he showed this charitable organization. Mr. Shivarudra is running the organization with his own funds from the beginning of the trust till date, without any financial support from government organizations, public or any private sectors. 

Founded in 2006, this organization is a secure shelter for the needy, poor, orphaned children, helpless women and the physically and mentally challenged. With provision of hygienic food and clothing, these people are treated with love, affection and care. Its sole aim is to provide proper education to poor children as well as to conduct training classes for women so that they can stand on their own feet without depending on others.

This noble concept of Mr. Shivarudra, to help these people by admitting them into the ashram has given him popular recognition in the society. The sincere motive, to bring these needy under one shelter while fulfilling their basic requirements so that they are not insecure and can feel at home in the ashram. This humanitarian deed, till now has shaped the lives of many such people who are deprived of their families or are completely helpless. To bring eventual results and to help more people in the future, Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Organization is in search of generous donors. 

Founder  :  Mr. Shivarudra

About Us

Started on a humble note in 2006, by Mr. Shivrudra, Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Trust is aims at providing shelter to the needy, poor and destitute..


Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Trust

Sri Sai Krupa Charitable Trust is a noble organization that was established to help the needy, poor children, women and the physically and mentally challenged. This organization has put in a lot of effort to fulfill the needs of these people and ensure them protection and safety.

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